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Industrial ball mill is an important equipment in many production lines today. To meet the diverse needs of the market, many types of crushers have been born with different characteristics and structures. So what types of popular crushers are currently available? What are the features and application levels of each type? Let’s find out with Yourtech in today’s article! 

1. Roller pot mill

Roller pot mill operates on the principle of compression and rubbing. When the roller or grinding bowl rotates, it creates extremely high crushing pressure, causing the material to be broken into small particles. 

In general, this type of crusher has a rather complicated structure, a relatively large tonnage, but a low productivity and the operation is often interrupted by the manipulation of materials. 

You can see roller crusher in many production lines of ceramic tiles, cement, mining, etc. The machine is often used to finely grind materials such as clay, quartz, limestone, coal, etc. …

Crusher crusher works on the principle of impact. Thanks to the ability to create very strong impact force, the machine can easily break and crush hard, tough rocks. In addition, this type of machine also has the advantages of simple structure, easy to use and quite high productivity.

However, when operating, the crusher makes a lot of noise and creates a lot of dirt. The machine is commonly used for coarse or medium crushing of rocks in the field of mining, construction material production, etc.

2. Hammer mill

You can find hammer mill products at quite a few  crusher suppliers  today. This type of machine works mainly on the principle of impact and rubbing. 

In general, the applicability of the machine is quite wide, can grind materials of all sizes, from coarse, medium to fine. But similar to the crusher, the hammer mill also makes a lot of noise and generates a lot of dust during operation.

Currently, the machine is being used quite a lot in fields such as pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, food processing or chemicals. People often use the machine for the purpose of producing intermediate powders, reducing the size of materials to improve solubility, mixing dry fibrous materials after grinding, etc. 

3. Ball mill

Ball mill is also a very popular type of crusher today. For this machine, the material will be crushed by impact and abrasion. 

Specifically, during operation, the case will spin. At this time, the ball bearing part under the action of centrifugal force will be lifted up and then fall down, hitting the material, causing the material to be crushed.

The great advantage of the ball mill is that it can coarsely, finely and very finely grind all kinds of materials. Whether the material is dry or wet, the machine can handle it easily. However, to operate, the machine needs quite a lot of energy and generates a very loud noise.

This type of crusher is currently widely used in many fields such as cement production, building materials, glass, ceramic industry, ore mining, etc.

Types of Crushers

Types of Crushers

4. Cone Crusher

The cone crusher operates on the principle of compression and friction. During operation, the shaft system of the machine will move eccentrically and create pressure and impact, causing the material to be crushed. The cone crusher has the advantage of running quite quietly, with less vibration and consuming less energy than the crusher. However, the disadvantage of the machine is quite heavy, cumbersome and complicated structure.

This type of machine can crush raw materials and medium materials. Therefore, people often apply cone crusher in metallurgy, building material production, silicate industry, etc.

5. Shaft crusher

The operating principle of the shaft mill is compression and rubbing. Specifically, the material will move through the gap between the two grinding shafts and be crushed into small particles. In many cases, the machine is also equipped with a sharp blade to shred ingredients more efficiently.

In terms of applicability, the shaft crusher is currently a very important equipment for many food processing lines, waste treatment, etc., and especially in the plastic production and recycling industry. 

The advantages of the machine are very quiet operation, simple structure, easy operation and cleaning. On the other hand,  the price of the axial plastic crusher  is also very affordable, suitable for the budget of small and medium enterprises. With high performance, this type of crusher can handle hard and large materials such as glue heads, plastic pallets, etc. quickly.

Currently, there are many different shaft crusher products on the market. To ensure you buy quality products and enjoy the best warranty policy, you should look to  reputable plastic crushers  like Yourtech .

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